Buy NYC Diesel Feminized Seeds


Buy NYC Diesel Feminized Seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds NYC Diesel Feminized is a is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females. Marijuana ShopCreated by crossing the AK with the Lowryder, stabilising her while maintaining the original AK47 characteristics. Buy Kush Online, AK produces hard buds with an exceptional penetrating aroma. AK is an indica/sativa hybrid yet it retains most of its sativa qualities in its high. Weed Home Delivery USA, The flowering time is 56 days. Extremely STRONG odour and smoke. An occasional leaf mutation can occur, but this is familiar with this strain. Cannabis For Sale Online, Auto AK Feminised Seeds is a Low (0-1%) CBD strain with AK47 x Lowryder genetics of the Feminized variety brought to you by Female Seeds


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Buy NYC Diesel Feminized Seeds

NYC Diesel Feminized is an all-female Sativa-Indica cannabis hybrid which combines great potency and yield with a deliciously exotic flavour. Buy NYC Diesel Feminized SeedsAs the name suggests, this seed-strain has its roots in New York City, Legal NYC Diesel Feminized Seeds for sale online, where she quickly gained a reputation as the ultimate smoke for cannabis connoisseurs. Discreet NYC Diesel Feminized Seeds for sale online, As soon as seeds of this exciting new weed were available to buy, where to buy NYC Diesel Feminized Seeds online, both its genetics and its reputation began making their way around the world. NYC Diesel Feminized Seeds for sale online, Weed Seed Shop is delighted to offer a particularly fine feminized variety of this marijuana strain, so all these seeds will produce plants which grow and flower as females.

The flowering time is not as fast as some of the more Indica-heavy hybrids that we stock, Order NYC Diesel Feminized Seeds Online, but with this amount of Sativa present in the genetic make-up it’s not surprising that this tropical-flavoured treasure takes a little longer than average to fully develop her buds. Discreet Kush For Sale Online, NYC Diesel Feminized has a distinct citrus taste, and many smokers are amazed by her powerful lemon and grapefruit flavours. Legal Cannabis For Sale OnlineGently handling the dried buds will release a mouth-watering aroma that’s likely to overpower any other strain in a smoker’s stash!


  • Sunny / MediterraneanNYC Diesel Feminized can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer.
  • High plantNYC Diesel Feminized will grow substantially during the flowering phase.
  • Flowering 55 – 70 daysNYC Diesel Feminized will need an average flowering time to reach their full potential.
  • Yield Heavy YieldNYC Diesel Feminized can produce a very large yield, but may require a little extra care to achieve their full potential.
  • 45% Sativa / 55% Indica The NYC Diesel Feminized is a Sativa / Indica Hybrid.

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